Ruifeng century since founding date has gone through more than ten years of history, this more than ten years, brought together business of wisdom and courage, cohesion of the employees of the struggle and growth. From the small scale of poineering initial stage to the present development of the group together, we have gone through a painstaking effort and sweat paved road of development. We thank the social from all walks of life for century Richful vigorously support and care for in the company in all positions loyal, hard working employees, because of you, century Richful can in the development of the road go sureness and firm.

A fierce competition. Ruifeng century since the days of sail, shouldering the a glorious mission: for enterprises to seek development, for the interests of the employees, creating value for customers, contribute to society. More than ten years, our corporate mission as a banner, guiding the century is always in the right direction ruifeng. It is not just a slogan, but the essence of our century Richful enterprise culture is soul in our every century Richful people blood flowing! In view of this, century Richful will always enterprise development as a foundation, people-oriented, to build a a full of opportunities and challenges of the cause of the platform, let the talents with both ability and moral integrity to give full play to their own value in this platform, customers and trust "win-win", a long-term and stable strategic cooperation, at the same time, century Richful always will "assume social responsibility" as the enterprise must fulfill the obligations, grateful, to serve the society.

Looking back ten years, under the support and help from all sectors of society, in century Richful enterprise culture under the guidance, century Richful people forge ahead in unity, take the bull by the horns, follow the market, seize the opportunity, promote century Ruifeng entered the ranks of the top 500 private enterprises in China, the; looking to the future, century Richful will continued excellent culture to culture, shaping people with mature management, the century Ruifeng brand core competitiveness to maintain industry leading, pioneering and innovative, move, create the brilliant new century Richful!

                             --Chairman yukun Liu