Position:Administrative Assistant (driver)

Work Experience:Unlimited
Place:Qingdao City, Zhongshan Road Parkson commercial building
Education:Secondary specialized school
Work Years:Unlimited
Job Description:
1, responsible for the daily maintenance of vehicles, sanitation, fuel card, parking card recharge;
2, the use of car supplies to make reasonable suggestions;
3, responsible for completing the car, car fuel consumption records, recording and other matters;
4, according to the leadership arrangement, vehicles, cars and travel arrangements for the reception work with related departments;
5, responsible for vehicle safety and driver safety education;
6, to assist the relevant departments to receive external visitors, accommodation, catering, tourism and other good works;
7, to assist the Department in charge of the administrative work.

Position:Marketing Manager (iron ore)

Work Experience:More than 3 years working experience
Place:Qingdao City, Zhongshan Road Parkson commercial building
Education:Junior College
Work Years:Three
Job Description:
1, the gender is not limited, age 30 years old of the following, college and above education;
2, 2 years of marketing management experience, 2 years of working experience in the same position;
3, there is a driver's license, will drive, can accept the overseas or often travel;
4, with strong planning ability, organization ability, market development ability, business negotiation ability, coordination and communication ability, strain capacity and execution ability;
5, marketing, business administration, international trade and other related professional;
6, familiar with the business, skilled use of office automation.
7, collect market information, grasp the market price, the company's sales and put forward reasonable proposals;
8, on behalf of the company and the Department under the jurisdiction of the customer to negotiate contracts, and reported to the general manager for approval;
9, quarterly, monthly, weekly report to the marketing situation and put forward to ensure the completion of the plan;
10, to grasp the customer situation, the organization of the customer return visit, tracking and investigation, and related information feedback;
11, responsible for the goods after the sale of goods and services such as the recovery of the payment and settlement.
12, the organization of the Department of the annual marketing plan, objectives and measures, after the examination and approval of the organization's decomposition and implementation;
13, according to the marketing plan a reasonable allocation of personnel, and the division of business, customer guidance;
14, to assist other departments of the company, do a good job in management, improve the level of management;
15, responsible for the Department team building, guidance, assessment, incentive, training and management of the Department staff;
16, to accept the company's other work assigned by the supervisor and the supervision and inspection of the department.